Linux Background

Linux was originally created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, a graduate student seeking an affordable, highly adaptable version of the Unix system. To expedite the process, Linus solicited the help of other programmers by making all of his information about the operating system - the entire source code - available on the Internet.

Developers responded with many ideas. Linus implemented them and shared the results. As word spread about the Linux operating system and its open, evolutionary style, the benefits and potential of open source development were recognized. Thousands of developers from around the world joined the effort and quickly added the functionality and features commonly found in proprietary systems.

Within its open environment, Linux evolution continues today with a growing Web-based community of committed programmers, developers and users. Collectively, they are constantly scrutinizing, developing, improving, testing and collaborating to ensure Linux remains an exceptionally stable, secure and robust operating system with a vast assortment of programs and utilities, as well as unlimited customizing potential.


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